Is parking your car at the Airport the cheapest option?

Many might think that airport parking is the most expensive option when deciding how to get to the airport and in some cases, that’s true. If you simply arrive at any UK airport and park without booking, in their Airport Parking spaces on site, it could end up costing more than your break away!

However, not ALL airport parking is expensive, and after working out all the additional costs for public transport, airport transfers or taxis; pre-booking your parking with Southampton Cruise Parking could actually be the cheapest, and by far the easiest option.

There are many ways to get to the UK airports. Below we’ll go through some options, and give you rough costing; so you can see just how much you could save yourself.

Getting to your Airport by Train / Rail – From £8 one way (if booked in advance)

  • There are often dedicated rail station at Airports, such as Gatwick and Stansted that run regularly to nearest cities and towns.
  • They are often fast, and reliable, but if not booked way in advance the price will not be as low as hoped.
  • This could be a great option for the single traveller with little baggage.
  • For families, groups, disabled people or the elderly; carrying luggage through busy stations is not ideal.
  • The price per person will also really add up.
  • Onward travel prices from other main stations will range massively depending where you are going in the UK and what mode of transport you will then take.
  • All in all, it will most probably be one of the most expensive options.

Getting to the Airport by Coach – From £5 one way

  • Although the slowest option, there are a few companies that run frequent coaches from major UK cities and Towns to airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Birmingham and more.
  • National Express is the UK’s largest coach company, and serves most of the airports. Visit them at to see their destinations. Prices from around £8 one way.
  • Megabus are the 2nd most popular airport coach company, and again serve many airports around the UK. Visit them at
  • Easybus are fast becoming a contender to the coach industry with super low airport coaches from as little as £2, if booked way in advance of course.
  • Terravision are another new(ish) coach company, and again they too are really well priced. Find them at
  • Coaches may be cheap if you live near the departure and pick up points, but are they reliable in say, heavy London traffic when you have to catch that flight? What’s more, lugging around all your baggage and children on board may create a whole lot of stress before you even get to the airport.

Taking a Taxi to the Airport

  • This will usually by far be the most expensive option, but again it’s all depending where you are coming from.
  • Huge bonus if you live right next to an airport (for travel reasons!)
  • If you’re in central London or anything over 30 minutes away it will be costly (We definitely wouldn’t want to be stuck in a black cab running on meter in standstill on the M25 or central London!)
  • They may be convenient, and there will be an abundance of them waiting just outside arrivals for you; it’s whether you are able to pay such a high price for that convenience.

Driving your car to the Airport

We’d probably all agree that packing your suitcases and family / friends into your own car, and driving directly from your homes to the airport is probably the easiest and most convenient way to get to the airport. You’ll arrive together, excited, and ready for your trip ahead. However, many follow the myth that airport parking prices are the most expensive way to get to the airport.

Airport Parking Options

Onsite Airport Parking – Anything from £15-£40 p/d

  • Onsite airport parking approx. £15-£40 p/d depending on the airport.
  • Advantages – On site / some spaces could be near to the departure area / internal transfers
  • Disadvantages – More expensive / still have to transfer or walk in the darker hours to your car / hefty charges if flights delayed / handling children & luggage

Park & Ride airport parking from approx. £9 p/d if long stay:

  • Just on the outskirt boundaries of the airports, Park & Rides allow you to park your car, then jump on a transfer / shuttle to the departure area.
  • Advantages – Mostly safe / better value than onsite / quite close to the airport Disadvantages – Still have to transfer / shuttle in the darker hours to your car / hefty charges if flights delayed / excess baggage a pain to haul around / handling children & luggage

Offsite airport parking (From £8 p/d):

  • Car Park out of the Airports boundaries such as a surrounding hotel.
  • Advantages – Often cheaper than offsite
  • Disadvantages – Safety / Transfer time & cost to the airport / Baggage having to be hauled around / handling children & luggage

Then there’s us, airport parking, from just £5.99 p/d:

  • Not only do we have a price match guarantee, so if you beat our price for the same service you get the parking free; but we’re approved by many of the Airports themselves as a certified Parking Service.
  • Arrive at the airport and be greeted by experienced, professional uniformed drivers with ID. They’ll safely park your car for you in approved, 24/7 surveillance car parks, and return it to you when you land.
  • No messing on public transport, no paying extortionate fees in taxis, no wondering around looking for your car in the dark car parks in the middle of the night.
    Perfect for families, the elderly, those in need of special assistance, business travellers, school & sports groups. It’s the least stressful and easiest way to park at most Airports, and believe it or not, one of the cheapest ways too.